BARNES CARS – Meet And Greet Service Saving Your Time

Your flight has just landed, be at Heathrow or Gatwick airport. Since both are one of the busiest and largest in the London Area. What now? Are you thinking about going outside and search for a taxi or cab? STOP!!!! There is another solution for that, in order to minimize the time spent in order to search for the taxi or cab. Moreover to ensure that your time is it for holiday or for work doesn’t get wasted. A very suitable option is that of airport transfers. With airport transfer, you can pre-book online. But you might ask how is that booking alone going to save my time. So here comes, meet and greet service by Barnes Cars airport transfer service where your time will actually be saved in the airport.

Meet and Greet Service with Barnes Cars Airport Transfer Service

When you book any reliable airport transfer you are always provided with meet and greet service. While pre-booking your minicab you can easily share the details of your arrival time and the time when you want to be picked. There will be a spot which you can decide with the transfer service company. Mostly the meet and greet spot is inside the terminal area. A driver will be waiting for you in a very professional manner with a placard on which your name will be written. In some cases, there are certain times when the influx of passengers is too much and it can be a hassle to find your name. In that case, keep your mobile phone handy as the chauffeur will contact you at that too.

But in either case, you will meet them in the airport area, therefore no time will be wasted in going to parking with all your luggage and then in the hassle of searching for taxi or cab. The chauffeur will come to you, greet you with a smile and escort you to the minicab you booked. Thus a journey will be started in a seamless manner and it will definitely set the mood for the whole time you spent in the area.

If you are in search of such a trustworthy airport transfer service then you can always choose Barnes Cars airport transfer service. You will get the best meet and greet service as well as the whole travelling experience will be reposeful. So call us now on +44 20 7060 3033 or book online.

Hotels to Stay In London

London is a place with a huge history and some grand places to visit. When you are travelling in London, a place to stay and not just any place but a great one is a very crucial thing to decide. In order to make this easy for you, we have some suggestions for you. In the following list, we have shared some hotels in London which will not only provide you with a comfortable stay but also will make you experience the grandeur of this place and its history as well as its charm and with the swiftness, you can book Barnes Cars airport transfer service to travel to these hotels in London

  1. The number 1 on our list is The Dorchester which is in the Hyde Park area in London. It has tree-filled green of its own and from 1931 is the landmark Art Deco building of this Hotel. In London Park Lane it is one of the most prestigious thoroughfares. Here you will find some charming and efficient service always. Here you will also experience some amazing spa features too. Thus your stay here will be a memorable one.
  2. The second one is in Mayfair and it The Ritz London. A supremely long gallery is what you will see upon entering the impressive lobby and that is exactly the moment you will fall in love with this place. With floor to ceiling windows and beautiful chandeliers and marble columns is the Dining room which is a beauty in itself. In their original XVI style, the bedrooms and suites are also restored. Your experience here will be priceless.
  3. The third hotel we will be suggesting is The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge. It is a popular celebrity hangout. London’s fast-moving hotel scene has seen this hotel’s focus more on being the luxury pillar. Elegance and highest order service are some of the specialities here. This place will be amazing for you to stay and experience the charm of London at its best.

In order to get from the airport to hotels and in order to go from hotels within the city, you need a cab which is trustworthy and ensures an unperturbed journey. Here comes Barnes Cars airport transfer service. Choose us as your transfer service and we are responsible for making each bit of your travelling the most reposeful one. So call now on +44 20 7060 3033 or book online.

Best Time to Visit London

London is a place which has its own grand aura and charm. But the question is if there is a suitable time to visit London or any time is best. We will suggest that this place is worth visiting the whole year. For there are so many things to do and places to go that you will be amazed. In some following lines, we are going to share some of the amazing reasons and events which makes London amazing at every time of the year.

  1. Take your warm clothes out and enter the beautiful London of winter. So many carol concerts and Christmas trees in their majesty, Trafalgar Square is a must-visit. Across the Bond Street, Regent Street, and Oxford Street you will find Christmas street lights near the end of November which in themselves are a beautiful sight. Frost Fair, New years fireworks, new year parade are some of the events which must not be missed.
  2. In the months of Autumn, mild weather allows people to have an amazing time here. The festivals in this season include Mayors Thames, Totally Thames Festival, The Great River Race Thames Festival September and you must not miss any of them.
  3. In order to enjoy the greener spaces, rooftop bars and restaurants the best time are summers. There are so many music festivals and outdoor cinemas where you can have the most marvellous time. , City of London Festival, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Henley Royal Regatta, Trooping the Colour, Notting Hill Carnival, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships are some of the events which are a must-visit for you.
  4. In the springtime, the weather can be rainy or normal but to be on the safe side keep your umbrellas with you. Some of the events in this time are May Fayre and Puppet Festival, Oak Apple Day, Covent Garden Festival, Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, London Marathon and these must not be missed at any chance.

With so many amazing events all year round. How can one not want to come to London?  So if you are planning to visit London, a reliable mode of transfer and its importance cannot be denied. For that choose Barnes Cars and our amazing transfer services. You will be delighted. So call us on +44 20 7060 3033 or book online.

Spend an Awesome Weekend

Weekends are a time which must be spent in the most relaxed manner. But it does not mean you should not travel at all. For spending your weekend in an incredible way you can choose any destination near you and spend some quality time there. The first step for that will be careful research and planning. Because an unplanned journey can be most disastrous. But with proper planning and research, you can have the most wonderful time when it comes to spend a weekend in London. And you can always use Barnes Cars minicab transfer service for all your plans to travel. Now, what are the things you must plan for?

First of all, you should have a list of places which interests you, these could be tourist attractions of the places and the places for eating out and relax. Another important bit which must not be ignored is the selection of the mode of transport. In order to really enjoy your weekend in the most relaxed manner, pre-booking a transfer service will be a huge relief. The transfer service will not only take away all the hassles related to having your vehicle, managing its technical issues, time to look for parking and to search for the places in a new area.

As the chauffeurs who are there to serve you in a transfer service will be there to take care of it all. They will not only receive you upon reaching the destination but also will take you to places you want to visit. As they have proper full fledge knowledge of the area. So just book the best transfer service, make your list and enjoy the most amazing weekend of your life.

Therefore only with reliable and top-notch transfer service, your weekend will be a reposeful event. In case you are travelling in London for the weekend, we at Barnes Cars minicab transfer service have the most outstanding and impeccable services for you. So wait no more and choose our services, you will not be disappointed. Call us on +44 20 7060 3033 or book online.